About Us

"Our purpose is to materialise our client's vision and provoke an emotional response through alternative use of illumination. Our art is our knowledge and imagination"


ARRO was founded by Aaron Andrews and Ross Syme in 2014 with their combined 19-year experience and passion for creative lighting. They remain at the forefront of the business to maintain a personal service.

They focus on the design and supply of professional illuminations for Christmas lighting, art and cultural, and permanent urban and landscape projects.

ARRO have created a dynamic platform so they can work with a range of clients from the likes of BID organisations, city councils, local authorities, community groups, private businesses and art and culturalorganisations all over the UK and Europe.

They have freedom and aim to collaborate with a host of professionals like architects, artists, photographers, film makers and curators.
They seek artistic attributes to add a new dimension to their processes and vision.

ARRO are social minded and thrive on the prospect of producing unique projects to create an emotional response and relates to all walks of life.  Whether it's a traditional or abstract idea, they aim to enlighten their clients and audiences.

From Inverness to Southampton they have produced and delivered a wide range of projects from Christmas illuminations, 3D mapping projections to collaborating with architects to deliver art lighting installations. Their projects have a positive impact on people's lives and they aim to create long lasting memories.

It's been an interesting time since ARRO launched:



    Collaborated with the likes of Crowne Plaza Hotel, Oban BID and Audi

  • 2015

    Collaborated with the likes of Glasgow City Council, Dundee City Council and Argyll and Bute Council

  • 2016

    Collaborated with the likes of Norwich BID, Fife Council and Sunderland City Council

  • 2017

    Curated their first large scale 3D mapping projection.

  • 2017

    Collaborated with the likes of Leeds BID, Leeds City Council and Aviemore Highland Resort

  • 2017

    Curated their first art light installation via an international collaboration

'Imagination is our strength'

Meet The Creators

Meet the team behind ARRO…
Aaron AndrewsDirectorLooking back over my career and where I am at now, it’s clear there’s a strong connection with me and the Christmas lighting industry. Over the last 12 years I’ve been invariable throughout my work. I started my ranks as a young apprentice with a very respectable organisation and was part of that team for over 9 years. There was a time I was responsible for managing high profile projects throughout the UK. Now I’m evolving and reflecting on a change of circumstances and experiences. My approach to the business incorporates a passion for art and other creative outlets. I want my artistic attributes and personality to come through my projects and work.
Ross SymeDirectorAfter stumbling (as everyone seems to!) into Christmas lighting in 2004, I found this industry can be hugely rewarding and a great platform to connect with people through lighting. I like to create and build things so I am hands on with products and projects, and I have a personal approach to my work. I strive to build lasting relationships with clients based on a mutual respect for each other's time and vision.
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