Public Spaces

Public Space lighting

What is Public space lighting? To us it can be a year-round lighting project or a winter lighting project. Working with various styles of decorative product and themes, we can illuminate a street scape, public park, city square or a building. The scope of opportunities in this service is vast.

Public space lighting is a great way to transform urban or rural environments and demonstrate how light and colours interact with the public in such a positive manner.

Our team have over 25 years’ expertise illuminating public spaces. We work with a wide range of professional products and collaborate with other professional bodies for installation purposes.

Public Space examples

  • example public space image 1

    Light Canopy, Ashton Lane

  • example public space image 2

    Colourful cubes

  • example public space image 3

    Tree dressed in a mixture of Warm White and White LED 

  • example public spac image 4

    Tree dressed in Warm White LED in the historic town of Musselburgh

One of the most popular projects we undertake is illuminating trees. We only work in partnership with fully qualified climbing arborists with the LANTRA (professional tree surgeon certificate). All work is guided by industry best practice and the latest developments in arboriculture research.

This ensures trees are dressed in an environmentally friendly manner to avoid any long-term damage. The lights are installed using a special technique that allows the tree to grow naturally. This way of working has been approved by park managers up and down the country, and councils/local authorities.

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